Car-X doesn't carry TPMS rebuild kits? Huh?

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Dec 8, 2006
Is there any logical reason why a national chain like Car-X wouldn't carry TPMS Rebuild Kits? Of course, I realize that they want to sell more brand-new TPMS sensors at $75 a piece. I have a wheel with a slight leak. The local Car-X shop blames the TPMS sensor, and wants to replace it for $75. The sensor works just fine, as it has been signaling that there has been a slow leak of air for the past couple of months. I asked them why they don't carry the $5 rebuild kits. I was told that "we just don't". Really?
More times than not the TPMS falls apart or is fused to the rim and has to be broken to be removed. On my 07 Grand Prix, two broke trying to rebuild them. Now when I need tires, I just have them replaced Most tire shops also realize it just is in their best interest to replace the entire unit instead of rebuild it. Battery life is also a factor. If they rebuild the unit and two months later the TPMS sensor fails, the customer is going to blame the tire shop. Dave
A TPMS "rebuild kit" is just the inexpensive valve components and does not include any of the electronic hardware. It bugs the heck out of me that there is no way to replace the batteries. I have my first car with TPMS now. About the cheapest TPMS wheel sensors I've seen are aftermarket and cost about $25 each. I noticed Discount Tire changing the O-rings on my valve sleeves when I bought new tires. That's probably about all they need before they fail.
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Vote with your money. Go elsewhere. And then write a letter to corporate telling them why.
I've heard horror stories but knock on wood we haven't had any TPMS issues. Do all of them have a non-servicable battery? Pretty ridiculous. Feel free to vote with your wallet, but realize that at some point you will need to replace the TPMS, and at that point, a dismount and remount will cost you time and money too..
AFAIK, they all have non-serviceable batteries. I have read estimates of the batteries' life span to be 4-6 years. When the batteries deplete you just end up with the TPMS light on the dash always lit. At that point you could do the replacement, or wait until buying your next set of tires. (Or, remove the bulb from the dash. LOL)
BJs doesn't carry the rebuild kits either. I was disappointed in that...probably one of the reasons I won't buy tires there again. Our nearly 10-year-old Acura has three of its original four TPMS sensors, and the batteries are still going fine. One of the four was replaced earlier this year, after BJs broke it during a tire install. Another reason I won't buy tires there again. The three original sensors have never been re-sealed, but I know that I'm likely on borrowed time with that.
Good to hear that, maybe, the 4-6 year estimate i read was too conservative. Ten years is quite acceptable.
The sensors in the wife's '05 Nissan are still going. Not sure how much longer or what I'll do when they quit. She loves to tell me how I have one or two tires up or down a pound. Maybe dead with some elecrical tape over the light is the best course!
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Good to hear that, maybe, the 4-6 year estimate i read was too conservative. Ten years is quite acceptable.
My August 05 build is still fine, I have changed the seals with every set of tires (6 or 7 now) and that is it. It's vastly different from carmaker to carmaker, seems a bit ironic to me that Chrysler has the best system I have ever seen on any car...
The rest of the story: I called Car-X back and told them since they don't carry the rebuild kit, to just leave the TPMS sensor/stem alone. They did tell me that there was a bead leak as well, they dismounted the tire, cleaned the bead and rim, gooped up the bead with black sealer, remounted the tire and re-balanced it. (Why they just didn't put a mark on the tire at the stem, and then simply remount the tire in the same position.... never mind... too much to ask I guess). When I picked the tire up, the guy that worked on it in the shop was at the front desk and made the comment to me "It'll probably be flat in the morning, and you'll be back..." I found that to be a odd thing to tell a customer... but whatever. Went home and put the wheel back on. And as was predicted, it was sitting on the rim in the morning. So, Car-X took it from losing less than a pound a day, to going flat overnight. Out of a hunch, I then checked the nut on the stem, and it had been left finger tight. I should have checked that sooner, but I didn't think it would be necessary. Found the specification online, tightened the nut accordingly, and pumped the tire back up. I now find the prognostication about it being "flat in the morning' quite disturbing, considering that the nut on the valve stem was only finger tight. Either it was an intentional move since I didn't shell out $75 for a new TPMS sensor/stem, or it was the world's sloppiest mistake. Either way, I'll never go back there.
^^Reminds me of an experience with a Nissan dealer here. My wife (girlfriend at the time) leased a new Nissan Rogue. The dealer threw in free oil changes. She takes it in for its first oil change. When she was driving home, the TPMS light comes on. I checked the tires, one of them was low. I inspected the tire, didn't find any nails. I filled the tire back up, TPMS light turns off. The tire never leaked any air after that and the TPMS light never turned on again. I think someone intentionally let some air out so they could make some money "fixing" something.
I worked at a Car X as a tech once. I left because I was the only person that actually cared whether the customer was happy not, not just whether they paid the money. It was also heavily suggested that I "find".... wink, nod, an issue when checking out a vehicle. I would never suggest a car x to anybody. I know, I know, not all of them are the same. I dont care.
Well, that TPMS sensor that I was told was leaky and needed to be replaced hasn't leaked a bit. The only thing that was wrong with it was the idiot in the shop that left the nut on it only finger tight. I'll never give Car-X another dime.
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