Canadian Nuclear Update - September, 2022


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Apr 28, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Nuclear peeps are feeling pretty good coming off the high of saving Diablo Canyon. Internationally, Olkiluoto has broken the 1,200MW milestone on its way to 1,600MW. It's the first EPR in Europe to come online and will be far from the last. Hopefully France's EDF can capitalize on this momentum.

Here in Ontario, the Darlington refurb is ahead of schedule, according to a recent announcement. We are still pushing for the refurbishment of Pickering B, the president of our group is supposed to have a meeting with the premier in the next couple of weeks on that.

Bruce Power continues with its uprates, as I noted in my previous thread. Unit 1 is now 823MWe and site capacity is 6,550MWe. The A plant is closing in on the B plant in terms of capacity, so this should be interesting. The goal is now "beyond" 7,000MWe according to their most recent announcement, I'm figuring ~7,040 is the target (880MWe/unit). Bruce is currently below budget for its refurb, and subsequently, its per kWh cost is below contract projections:
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 11.59.11 PM.jpg

Speaking of Bruce Power, Chris and Jesse, along with Madi from the US, recently toured Bruce A and produced a Decouple episode on it, and Ontario's coal phase-out, which is really good. Don't mind the Bieber/Drake Canadian humour please, lol! Those who know me "beyond" BITOG will get a chuckle from the credits.

The Darlington SMR project is coming along. I'm still not thrilled about a BWR in Ontario, as all our experience is with CANDU's and this SMR doesn't bring any cool 4th gen stuff to the table, it's just a mini GE unit. Construction is supposed to commence this month! I think the motivation is that this unit is easily exportable and OPG plans on being the export partner.