Can stains on vinyl wrap be removed ?

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Oct 16, 2002
My daughter moved to a new place in August and was parking her car under some type of scrub tree that produced berries. I don't know if the berries themselves dropped onto the car or if it was bird droppings that contained the berries. Of course she didn't wash the car for a month and now the berry remains seem to be baked in from the sun.

The paint color is white so it's very noticeable. I have not found any product (list below) that will remove it from the paint - none. The only thing that is working on the paint is being aggressive by hand with a compound and polish.

Although as bad as that is, it's the stains on the vinyl wrap (front 18" of the hood) that are proving impossible to remove. I've already tried rubbing them with every product in my garage including: clay bar, dawn liquid detergent, WD-40, Seafoam, liquid propane, turtle wax road and grime remover, E-85 gasoline, 50% white vinegar solution, a mold release agent, and even urethane paint reducer!

None of these made any difference at all, and on the vinyl, even the compound/polish will not work. How can vinyl hold up to all of those products yet tree berries are doing a number on it? Do the stains somehow migrate into the vinyl over time - very strange?

Before I give up I thought I'd see if anyone has any other ideas.
I have been told that stains in a wrap are impossible to remove most of the time.

With the only way to get rid of them is to re wrap the affected panel
B-12 Chemtool from Wal-mart? That stuff is powerfull enough to remove stains and the color out of anything if you rub it hard enough. Go easy first if you try.
I would visit a high-end detail shop or vinyl shop in town and have them take a look. Those wraps are not impervious to damage; if things sit on them long enough, they will eat through it. The berries are probably acidic and etched the vinyl.

I suspect the vinyl is permanently damaged and will need to be replaced.
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Try Goo Gone Patio Furniture cleaner. It works really good in my experience.

Saw this posted in another thread, and yep, it works like a charm. A mechanic friend of mine told me about it and sent a couple boxes from US to Romania. They're really cheap, too!
Based on some of the comments above, I just tried using Goo Gone. It did nothing - no different than all the other products listed in the OP.

It looks replacing the wrap will be the only option as some have mentioned.
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