Cam2 oil low TBN?

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Feb 19, 2008
My local oil change/fix it man who changes my oil in my 2012 Nissan Pathfinder uses Cam2 Super Pro Max syn blend 5w30 motor oil and I usually change it out every 7,000 miles. The other day I was on and I was reading a test report of this oil and it looked ok other then the fact that the TBN looked to me to be on the low side 6.53 is this something to be concerned with? Would it be best to run this oil for 7,000 miles and do a UOA with TBN report to see just how low it is at that millage?
What matters is the TBN at the end of the oil drain interval, not so much at the beginning. Better quality ingredients (sounds like a pizza commercial) does make better quality oil, and the TBN at the start isn't a deciding factor. Sure, if there isn't already a UOA for this oil, run one. It'll probably be fine.
Yes. I normally think that oils in the range of 6 TBN will only go ~6000 miles. Of course, not all oils are the same, and your mileage may vary, depending on how you drive.
Isnt CAM2 considered an economy line of oils? I remember back in the 80s buying CAM2 from Ames Department Stores,and they were one of the lowest cost oils at that time.Of course there wasnt any "home brand" oils back then that undercut the main players (Valvoline,QS,Havoline...ect).
It might be now, but not in the past. I think it was originally developed by Sunoco as a racing oil. There were a lot of race cars back in the late 70's that had CAM2 decals on them. My brother and I ran CAM2 20w50 in our small-block Vega.
You could do a UOA and I doubt that you'd find any problems.
As Ken2 writes, virgin TBN is not as important as TBN retention.
Cam2 is a quality oil from a quality blender.
What's up with having some third party do oil changes?
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Cam2 oil sucks use a nice quality oil like quaker state syn blend

And you know this how?
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Originally Posted By: Ram01
Cam2 oil sucks use a nice quality oil like quaker state syn blend

And you know this how?

I know this because I use to work at a Avis at JFK and the mechanics used that oil for fleet and cam2 left a lot of deposits in the motor
How long ago did you work for Avis?
Current spec oils are much better at not leaving deposits than was once the case.
Also, I can't imagine a more severe duty cycle than that a rental car driven around NYC would see.
What OCIs did the fleet wrenches use for these cars?
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