Bypass relief valve pressure for FRAM 9688 / Champ 2808XL filters?

Sep 9, 2023
Does anyone know the specified bypass relief valve pressure ranges for any of the following filters?

- FRAM FS9688
- FRAM XG9688
- Champ PH2808XL

I've been using OEM Subaru 15208AA170 (Tokyo Roki) filters for my '22 Subaru BRZ thus far which have a bypass relief valve spec of ~23 PSI , but I'm interested in switching over to one of the above depending on the bypass relief valve spec.
All the **9688 Frams show 9-15 PSI bypass, too low for a Subaru.

Thanks! I also just realized that I’m an idiot and somehow totally missed the line that lists the bypass relief valve specs on the FRAM website.

The Tokyo Roki is a quality filter, but doesn't have the efficiency that I'd like. I'm currently going down a deep BITOG rabbit hole on the necessity (or lack thereof) of matching 23-27 PSI bypass relief for Subarus when it comes to aftermarket filter selection... we'll see where it takes me.
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