Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus

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Oct 27, 2006
Its time to get tires for my 2014 Honda Odyssey, they are original OEM Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires, they have 45,000 miles on them and a DOT date of 2013, the car was an early 2014 model. The tires are down to 3/32 on the outside and 4/32 on the inside. They are starting to lose traction on wet roads and have next to nothing in snow performance currently. I was going to get Defender T&H or Premier LTX tires from Michelin but the cost is almost $1000. A buddy of mine works for Bridgestone and can get me a great deal on a set of Ecopia H/L 422 plus tires, more than half of what the Michelin tires go for. I only buy Michelin tires so Bridestones are new to me. Anyone have experience with this tire? This van spends 90% of its time on the highway and the other 10% in town. This is our road trip vehicle. Is this a good tire? I'm looking for something that gives a good ride, quiet on the road and has good enough traction for wet and snow. I use my Envoy when there is a lot of snow. Any experience with this tire would greatly be appreciated.
I wouldn't personally put Bridgestones on any if my vehicles. Had them on a 2004 WRX and when I traded that in for a 2004 Legacy (both new) it also had Bridgestones. The biggest issue I had was lack of wet grip. I only kept the WRX for 3/4 months and had Prodrive geometry settings put on it to reduce understeer. I left the Bridgestones on the Legacy for just over 10k miles, they were wearing well, and replaced them with Toyo Proxes. At that point I realised how poor the Bridgestones actually were. I would go Michelin every time. Though if cost is a consideration the Nexen and Hankook would be on my shortlist
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I wouldn't personally put Bridgestones on any if my vehicles. Had them on a 2004 WRX and when I traded that in for a 2004 Legacy (both new) it also had Bridgestones. The biggest issue I had was lack of wet grip.
OEM Tires arent the same as aftermarket tires. They are usually lower on wet traction because they are tweaked towards better Rolling resistance. To the OP: Those particular tires are biased towards MPG so they wouldnt be my first choice but they are among the best low rolling resistance tires.
My buddy just put some of those ecopias on his daily driver Camry and he loves them. He is really picky about tire noise and comfort too. U may also consider Pirellis
I put them on my last Chrysler Town & Country (now traded). They wore pretty rapidly in my opinion. After 15K miles, it appeared that they only had another 10K miles of life left on them. They had less than half tread at 15K miles when I traded it in.
These posts have been helpful. My experience with minivans have been rapid tire wear so I don't expect anything to last too long. The OE Michelins on the Honda have been one of the better OE tires I have had. My old 2010 Caravan would burn through tires every 25,000-30,000 miles. I figure for less than $500 installed and aligned, ill give these Bridgestones a chance, if they wear out quickly, ill switch back to Michelin's in a couple years.
I have the previous non-Plus version on my Honda Element. I have no complaints with the tires. They do ride smoothly and are very quiet. I've had no issue with wet traction, but honestly, the previous tires were so terrible that it would be hard to have done worse. I have 3 year and about 25,000 miles on them and they're still great. The Element is driven less and less, so I expect them to age out before they wear out.
Those Ecopias are an aftermarket size of what Bridgestone originally made as an OEM fitment for the Mazda CX-5 and Lexus RX350. The car version of those are decent - they do deliver on their MPG promise and do OK on the pavement. Tire Rack reviews say the Ecopia EP422s do OK in the snow, they are pretty heavily siped, but I would be leery of them in the rain or on ice. My experience with Bridgestone is that they wear fast no matter that kind they are.
I had these tires on my 2012 Odyssey. Very smooth and quiet tire, I said about 8/10s of Michelin that came with the car. But it did not have much grip...dry & wet... Hydroplaning might be a concern if it rains a lot in where you live. Since I am in So Cal, so wet grip isn't too much concern for me... like 4-5 days a
My 13 Traverse had Ecopia’s from the factory. I got 59k out of them. Great tire. Replaced them with Michelins from Sams And got 35k out of them. Now riding on Goodyear Assurance. Too early to tell on them.
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