Brake Job 2015 F150 Lariat 5.0

Dec 28, 2011
I posted about using a friends lift to do a trans service on the 6R80 trans and diff and while doing tire rotation saw I was due for brakes. I complained about RockAuto $86 shipping for MotorCraft pads and rotors all sides. My F150 is only at 65k and it's not a truck it is a family uber with snacks. MC was $450 and a few weeks before arriving from the cheapest place I could get them. Kinda important as only my 11 year old daughter still gets presents. My 14 and 16 year old boys got Iphone upgrades for Christmas. I try to do experiences over material items. Christmas eve we are headed to Gilete in Foxboro for a game (400 round trip) and Jan 1 to Baltimore for a Ravens game (600 round trip).

Mt friend owns a small 2 man shop. He owed me a favor for an issue parking a customer's car by a hydrant overnight. Called me and said I can get you in tomorrow am (which was today) and CarQuest Platinum rotors and pads all around for $303 (no tax collected off his account). I ended up $150 labor for both axles; $454 total. At that price, done.

I figured I'd post up some pics and if I can remember post up a review on how they last and how they feel. Pics below of what was taken off. PowerStop u front seemed to do a lot better with rust than the CarQuest basic pad/rotor combo on the back. At the time I did the front PowerStop I did not believe I needed rears but I did. We had a trip from NY to SC for a baseball tournament in a few days so I grabbed cheapo set for the rear. Bad idea overall but nothing crazy.
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None of your pics are working. Please fix 'em so I can see them!
In my experience, brakes on a later F-150 are easy, just heavy.
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None of your pics are working. Please fix 'em so I can see them!
In my experience, brakes on a later F-150 are easy, just heavy.

Yoooo brotha, where is that CA chill!? :oops: Can't resist messing with your left coast azz. They are heavy for sure. But I also have noticed my 15 tears up brakes compared to my 04 Lariat. 65k and my 2nd replacement. Important factor to me is, using my hour meter I'm 87%non-idle and we mostly do highway. But same time myOutback eats em too. A lot is my area which is very hilly. My street is very steep with a high grade so that doesn't help.

I also notice the rear of my 04 and this 15 rust far more than the fronts. Any one know why?
Those same AAP platinum parts would cost me $441 thru Worldpac - I guess being an AAP commercial customer means you get better pricing on rotor/pad combos.

No brainer for me to give them a shot. I was down on the PoerStops but they really did hold up much better than the economy set on the rears. This is 3 years of service and I do travel a lot to mountains in VT and NH in winter and at times Maine.
Wow, what's all that reddish brown stuff? I always forget how nice it is to not deal with rust. One good thing about living here.
Regardless, nuthin' like a nice fresh set of brakes!

If I had your $$ I'd be living the dream in Santa Barbara!!! Us commoners in the NorthEast have to deal with salt and the corrosive aspects. I have relatives in Marstons Mills Cape Cod and they have to do brake jobs more frequent living coastal AND having winter salt added to the mix.
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None of your pics are working. Please fix 'em so I can see them!
In my experience, brakes on a later F-150 are easy, just heavy.

Meant to add, yes 2015 Lariat is easy. Still the old mechanical E Brake set so no need for electronic brake procedures. Old school for sure. IIRC in 2015 there was no King Ranch but the Platinum line had an electronic E brake.
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How many miles on that set of brakes ?

3 Years and roughly 32k. The PowerStop fronts could have gotten another 3k maybe 5k. For this cost it was a no brainer to me. What really interests me is what I have seen with 2004 F150 and now 2015 F150 and how the rears rust so much more than the fronts. THis application isn't quite fair as the rears were bargain economy set and fronts were PowerStop. There was a heck of a difference and IM there should be. The next brake job will show it as they are the same on all 4 corners.
Well, those Carquest Platinum brake pads will outlast your rotors. I'm about 110% sure about that.