Brake Fluid Shelf Life - For Sealed Containers

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Aug 30, 2004
What is general consensus on brake fluid shelf life when the contents are still sealed?

I found a copy/paste response from ATE stating that it is 5 years for sealed containers and 1-yr for unsealed containers.

What are other manufacturers recommending?
is that a metal or plastic container?

If its for top up, that should be fine.

If you are bleeding fresh fluid in, I'd want fresher.
I'd say application counts too. Most cars in the usa never get fresh fluid over their lifecycle, other than a tiny bit over a pad change or other maintenance. Rarely is deliberate change performed for most cars, even if specified.

So practically speaking I'd think that five years in a sealed container is nothing, if ten plus years out in the open is reality.
Originally Posted By: Rand
is that a metal or plastic container?

I've ONLY seen Ate fluids sold in METAL containers.

Some of the high end/racing fluids now sold in plastic containers have the space between the fluid and the cap filled with nitrogen gas to help stave off moisture absorption.
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