Bought my youngest daughter a car

What bothers me is how a car that is only 6 years old and has only 66,000 miles got in such shape in the first place. Good job getting it running and on the road.

I've put @ 700 miles on it now......Without a lick of problems, It cleaned up really well, Don't really care how/why it got basically abandoned.....But it being a Cruze probably has something to do with it!
If you need help with your Cruze visit us over at the Cruze subreddit ( That said we can always use more educated people on the 1st generation Cruze as well!
Wow….that is a great deal.! Even with the addition of good parts it should be good to go quick!

Nice looking Cruze!
2 comments, my friend has a cruze with over 200k runs like a top with valvoline oil changes and sams club gas about 25 cents a gallon cheaper. WOULD not change relay panel, with fuse, unless massive burning or corrosion, then get one from salvage yard. BTW i really do not believe that DEX 6 is required. less than 10% of my commercial accts used it, VALVOLINE MAXLIFE BEING THE GO TO. 2 cents
I wouldn't bother with the 250A fuse, like you said millions of cars are running around with the + cable direct to the starter. This was a Saab ecotec issue also with their convoluted + cable protection/immobilizer, the only real fix was/is to toss it and go direct.
Looking good man, she is going to be happy.

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Trav a buddy of mine got a nice Honda Accord for the cost of that fuse $5 iirc. The womans dad bought her a new accord, he showed her the fuse, she didn't care
Good deal! My truck had a homemade clamp in place of the battery fuse when I bought it. I prefer not burning the wiring up. U-pick it yard replaced the fuse and some other small items I wanted.