Bosch Premium 3422 Cut Open


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Oct 30, 2018
Gainesville, FL
As I understand it, Bosch Workshop filters and Bosch Premium filters are made by Purolator and are identical to Purolator Classic and Purolator One, respectively. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.

This filter had 10,085 miles, 5 months, approx. 200 hours in service on my Ford 3.0L Vulcan. The order this filter came in shipped in 10/2018 and sat in a climate controlled room until it was used. Link to UOA here.

I have been buying these filters for my shop in bulk in various sizes for a couple years. This is the first one I've cut open.

[Linked Image]

3422, this should be the same as a Purolator One (PL20195) for FL-400S applications.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Filter media looks really good to me. No tears that I can see.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Silicone ADBV.
[Linked Image]

Maybe somebody knows what these characters mean. I don't.
[Linked Image]

I have four or five used 3410 model filters on the shelf which I will cut open tomorrow, same as the FL-820S and PL24651 filters which were known for tearing. If all looks good with those I will be ordering another hundred this week.








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Thanks for the effort. When I don't have a list of filters that I wanna cut and post I will probably switch to these. 5 bucks a piece at menards.
Originally Posted by bullwinkle
Where can you get these for sub $3 each?

My mistake. It is the "workshop" line (Purolator Classic/red can) that is ~$2.50 on RockAuto. This "Premium" line is ~$3.50 from the same.

I've bought several times from both lines so it gets confusing.

So let's say, sub $4. I minimize shipping by ordering at least 20 filters, even if it's more than one size, or combine shipping with other items. This particular filter, they only have 16 in stock right now, but buying just those 16 they work out to $3.87 each including shipping.
Originally Posted by tig1
On the Ford 3.0 Vulcan I would go with the MC FL 400.

I would too, but buying filters in bulk for my shop I try to minimize what we have to keep on hand. This filter fits in place of the FL-400S, and has the same specs aside from having a dome-end bypass as opposed to the MC's base-end bypass.

We also use this filter for numerous models which do not call for a base-end bypass valve. Not sure it really make a a huge difference.

Plus, this one is a dollar cheaper
It adds up.