Bosch "High Premium" and "Performance Premium" Oil Filter brands?

Sep 4, 2019
New Orleans, LA
While changing my oil this weekend I noticed two higher grades of filter listed on the Bosch 3323 packaging, "High Premium" and "Performance Premium". The most recent reference in this forum appears to be from 2014, and a search of online retailers did not locate any availability. The Performance brand has a large "DIRT" logo in the photo.

Has anyone seen these offered in the recent past (less than a year)?
Is Bosch's packaging out-of-date?
Did these filters disappear in a change of ownership or manufacturer?
Are they available, just not in my country?

I've used Mobil1, Bosch, WIX Xp, and Premium Guard, depending on price (and, tbh, my mood that day on just how important 5 microns or 0.05% filtration efficinecy differences really are). Frequent changes (5-8000 miles) are more important to me than specific filter brand. I also do things like change oil at 40% life if i'm getting ready for a 2000 mile trip. Nothing would ruin a vacation—specifically, for me and NOT my family—more than a service reminder when my tools and pan are a thousand miles away at home.


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Except on Prem. box, never seen the Long Life "High Prem." filter. The "Performance Premium" level is the Bosch Distance Plus. I've not the seen BD+ for sale in quite awhile. Interestingly according to box specs, the Premium has the best efficiency rating of the three, @20um.
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What's the date code on the dome of the filter? Whats the * and ** flagnote on the box for the efficiency % numbers listed?
I think that is an older box. If you blow up the photo the top of the line is distance plus the middle one is long life. I never saw the long life @ retail but they could be had on Amazon back when D+ was current.
20um and 40um respectively. It's the current production Bosch Premium box.
So the one marked just "Premium" would be the most efficient. Seems like is would be the other way around based on the filter naming.
So the one marked just "Premium" would be the most efficient......
According the box, that is correct. Don't know about the Long Life because as noted never seen one. However, seems iirc that is also correct for the BD+, which I used a couple in the past. I suspect a search of bitog would confirm that info. Seems a little odd, but think that's what it was.

When I said current production box, I have unused one with 2019 date, same box. No date code on box, so can't say when box printed. May (or not) have more recent production around, have to check tomorrow.
I have a 3323 Premium and it looks like the same manufacture as Purolator?
Yes, Purolator and Bosch have been/were made by Purolator for quite some time. Now both are made by Mann+Hummel since they own both brands now.