Blurry Display while using HDMI Connection

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Aug 30, 2004
Hi Folks, I have a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2nd gen). If I connect my LG 34" monitor to this laptop using a HDMI cable, the image quality on the 34" monitor is poor (blurry). I know the monitor is not an issue because the image quality is perfect when the monitor is connected using a DisplayPort on my HP Elitebook work laptop. Is this a known issue with using HDMI connections, or is there a setting that I need to change on my ThinkPad? Thanks.
I have noticed the same thing with my new Dell Precision 5510 that I got at work back in August. They gave me a much newer wide screen monitor and cable and the issue is better but still there. I notice it more on certain software more than others. I have sort of gotten used to it. Wish it was better however.
HDMI is digital so it should be tack sharp. However you may need to use another HDMI cable - the resolution is higher than 1080 so you may need to use a higher bandwidth cable like one for 4k.
It can also be a display driver thing.. are you scaling your built in display to the new monitor?
Is the Yoga mirroring the display on the 34" If so, the aspect ratio and resolution may be non-native to the 34". Use your OS settings to ensure that the displays are not mirroring and that noth displays are set to their optimal, native resolution.
One thing I found with Windows is if you adjust the scaling (needed on high resolution displays to make text readable), some apps will be blurry until you logout/login or reboot.
Thanks guys. After reading the manual (duh), I realized my Thinkpad has two USB-C connections. So I purchased a USB-C to Displayport cable from Amazon, and now the display works correctly.
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