Best oil filter for GM 5.3

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Nov 17, 2014
I have a GMC Yukon XL with & have wondered what are some of the best oil filter brands to use. I drive mostly highway miles & occasional dirt road driving with 8,000 mile OCI which is usually when the OLM says to change it anyways. I run either QSUD or Pennzoil Platinum when its on sale. I am not saying that the most expensive filter is what I want, I want what is proven from others. I am always open to others expertise as long as it proven knowledge not just this is great because I spent a lot of money on it.
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Considering your planned usage, you might consider the Fram Tough Guard - it has been proven by many here to be a great bang for the buck.
A well sealed air filter and intake plumbing will have a more dramatic effect on engine life that any of the quality oil filter difference.
AC Delco PNs...

2007-2013 =
(PF63) taller filter (~4.828") for the 'newer' 22mm threads.
(PF48) shorter filter (~3.45") for 22mm threads.

1999-2006 =
(PF46) shorter filter (~3.404") for 13/16" threads.
(PF61) taller filter(~4.526") for 13/16" threads.

Or suitable equivalents.
I feel that these answers are good. On the from tough guard does it have different materials than the extra guard. I have also wondered if anybody has done specific tests to show results. I also wondered if the PF46 was good enough for 8,000 OCI or if that is pushing its limits. I hope to not over use something but not underutilize a product and waste money for my preference. Thanks for all the input
A non-ecore Delco would be fine. Wix 57045 (22mm) or 51522 (13/16") would be my choice if it were my truck. If you don't mind leaving a filter for two intervals, look into a Wix XP.
Fram Tough Guard would be a good match for this style, it has a high 99% efficiency along with silicone anti drain back valve.

The OEM AC Delco would be a fine choice too, although the efficiency is a tad lower.

If you want to change your oil filter every other change about every 15,000 miles or so, try the Fram Ultra with its 99%+ efficiency and dual layer wire backed synthetic media, it has some of the best stats a filter can earn.
That's what I was thinking with the Wix XP. I would change the oil take filter off & empty it. I would inspect it then reapply the filter. Is this filter readily available or would NAPA Platinum suffice?
Is the From Ultra of same quality as the Mobil 1. I've had friends that I was in the military with swear by those & considering they come from same company I would wonder if they are the same but From costing less at my local Walmart. Maybe somebody has cut the two a part or has pictures. If not maybe I will this weekend.
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I would use a Fram Ultra. You can leave it on for two OCI if you so desire. Fram rates it for 15K miles.
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That's what I was thinking with the Wix XP. I would change the oil take filter off & empty it. I would inspect it then reapply the filter. Is this filter readily available or would NAPA Platinum suffice?

Most people so not recommend removing and disturbing the oil filter to just get 8 oz of oil out of it. If you are going to use an Ultra (for example) for 2 OCIs, then just leave it on and change the oil. Your engine will not know the difference.

Ultra used for 2 x 6K OCIs
Alright thanks everybody for the info its helped knowing Ive had the similar choices & that others are or have tried them with great results
I've got 3 first gen LS engines in my personal/work fleet now. 2 99s with a 5.3 and an 01 with a 6.0.
I acquired the 6.0 this spring,I've has one of the 99s since it had 50k,it now has almost 290k on it. The other 99 is my beat up,employee driving,work truck.
The one I've had the longest gets 10000 mile intervals including filters. I have only used tough guards and Canadian tires motocraft rebranded filters which is a tough guard.
That truck hasn't ever had an engine problem. I put a new cam in it at 150k just to make it more fun to drive. The old cam had a wear scar that I could see but nothing I could feel with my fingernail.
Since then that truck got retired from duty and was just used as my father in laws farm truck. Didn't even plate it for a few years. This summer I had to bring it back. Got it fixed up from the various dents,dings and chain damage from pulling tractors out on the farm. I need it for my now ex as a second vehicle,4x4,just in case of emergency for her and the kids.
These trucks need nothing special. They will last for nearly ever as long as basic maintenance is followed. 10000 mile filter changes are nothing for a tough guard. I cut all of them open after use and I find nothing out of the ordinary. The flat spring is still springy,the anti-drain back valve is still pliable.
Guys change their filters way to early. Cheap insurance is a joke. An filter gets better with age. It filters out smaller and smaller particulate until it's clogged.
Unless an engine is filled with mud it takes a whole lot of particulate to clog a filter.
Get the fram ultra and use it for 2 intervals. There is no reason to take it off and empty it. You may disrupt the gasket and the seal it makes and cause a leak and you may not. However the Fram Ultra filter and the amall amount of oil it contains will be fine for 2 of your intervals and will eliminate the need to take it off.
I concur with Clevy.

The Vortec is a robust engine series; nothing special is needed. Any decent brand name filter will suffice. Huge capacity exists in most any "normal" filter and lube. At 8k miles, you're likely under-utilizing any lube and filter, so don't expect extra performance from the extra costs.

I would not hesitate to run a Puro, EG, etc in your circumstance. If you want to hedge the bet a bit with a silicone ADBV then consider the TG.

But I'm a heretic that lives by facts and data ...
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