Best oil change in my life

Jan 9, 2010
Los Gatos, CA
My grandniece Tatiana drove up from Camp Pendleton (San Diego) for the weekend to spend with her Mom and sisters. Tati is in Wounded Warriors because she got deathly ill while stationed in Kuwait almost 2 years ago. She is a great kid, just turned 21.
Tati brought a friend, Zabb, who is also in Wounded Warriors; they became friends as they train and compete in the WW Olympics. Zabb is about 6'2", 230 pounds and is solid muscle. And them some.. He was wounded in combat in Afghanistan, saved some of his Marine team and took shrapnel. Brain damage. Plate in his jawbone. Blind in one eye. I guess he's about 22. My wife, Sue, was pre-med, she understands a lot about the human body. While I noticed nothing about his speech, she could tell. Zabb has been trhough years of recovery and therapy.
Zabb and I did the oil change service on Tati's 2013 Civic. What a great kid. Extended his tree trunk arm and pulled me off the ground. We talked a lot, he asked me questions about the Tacoma 4WD he bought. He helped wherever he could even though there was no mechanics in his background. His father was never around... But he sure is interested in pulling wrenches!
Afterward, I asked him if he ever drove a Tesla; he had not. So off we went. He fell right into the 1 pedal driving even though he barely fit in the car. Ha! The acceleration spooked him, like it does to everyone the 1st time they experience right-now torque. Zabb had a constant ear-to-ear grin; he loved it.
After that we all went an pigged out at a wonderful local grill. Then off they went...

All in all, a wonderful time. Sue and I are now watching our beloved Warriors do battle with the Nuggets while I am holding back tears. What an incredible young man.

Oh yeah, man can that kid eat! Tati tells me he is always hungry...
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Jeff, I am surprised he didn't take more of liking to the 68 Vette.
That car is in Gig Harbor, WA at my BIL and sister's home. I ain't got the room (or energy or money) for that money pit... Ha!

The reason young people like Teslas is the tech. They grew up with laptops, tablets and smartass phones. These cars are 2nd nature to them.
And they don't like paying for gas... Maybe they think a Tesla costs the same a 9 year old Civic?
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