Best Free Pic Hosting Site for BITOG?

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Oct 13, 2013
not Sweden
What's the best free pic hosting site for BITOG use (posting UOAs and other pics)? I had an ImageShack account but got a notice that it was going paid and so it was closed.

What's the best free service to use now? I'm a Mac/iPhone user. Thanks!
I've also been a long time user of Photobucket, it works pretty good. I can't speak for the iOS app, but the Android app works well. I would assume the iOS app is similar. You just select the pic(s) you want to upload, and once they're uploaded it will provide you with the IMG code to post here in the forums.
I have an ImageShack account also, but I stopped using it when they went paid a short time back. I started a Photobucket account and I'm hoping the same thing doesn't happen to them.
Photobucket seems to take a lot of clicks to get anything done. They also cut my JPG quality, though not terribly. A couple years ago they changed from keeping my file names to randomizing them, so if I have DSC0023, DSC0024 etc I can't copy the UBB code once then increment the number endings anymore.

There's likely a "better" and likely an "easier" but I'm happy my PB links from 10-ish years ago still work on old forum posts. Hate finding error messages from others when they're up to something that sounds cool but I can't see.
I paid a one time fee for Photobucket Pro (gives you more memory) and have been using it for many many years.

They recently changed the layout of the page and I now hate it but still continue to use them.
I use photobucket (free). Only on PC though. I tried their iphone app a few times, but it was so buggy and crashed often (reviews confirmed this), and I got rid of it.

I don't use forums that much on the iphone, so photobucket has been enough for the amount of hosting I do on a few car forums that doesn't have Tapatalk.
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