Best food outside the Big Four?

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May 27, 2002
Canberra ACT Australia
Outside the big four eating cities of the world New York, London, Paris, and Sydney what are your favourites? Up and comers are Vancouver, Barcelona, and the real star Shanghai. Every main star chef in the world wants a Shanghai restaurant. Jean-Georges Vongeritchen, a 3 star Michelin chef opened Jean Georges at Three on the Bund. Go for Kingfish Sashimi with spiced Tapioca. I can give a few more if required. Shanghai is hot!!
Real money in Shanghai. Vancouver is nothing really. Seattle has it's spots, but you really must be a native with money, no kids and time to find the places that aren't all talk. New Orleans used to be OK, now no employees. New York I have little experience, but mostly bad. L.A. not good either, but some good food can be found. Is the Hobbit still in Orange? Truly I have eaten some GREAT meals in San Francisco so romantically it stays at the top of my list. Hong Kong has some decent food if you know someone. Italy does have the best food in general IF you are a native. But the real best food is at home, and some people spend a lifetime improving on perfection.
Vegas, believe it or not, is up and coming with lots of celebrity chefs and fine restaurants, though no type of cuisine to call their own, per se.
You are correct. Vegas is up and coming. Not in the top flight but definitely on the the move. We spend $100-$200 a month on world food magazines so know bit a about about what's going on around the world but then we are food crazy as of course as Australia is.
Yeah can't remember much super special in Tahiti/Bora Bora. Some nice raw seafood marinated in Lime etc was good stuff but nothing apart from the bread sticks (get it?) come to mind.
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