Best "bang for your buck" fuel treatment

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+1 Techron "fuel system" cleaner before each oil change. use the Techron "system cleaner" and not the weaker "injector cleaner"
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Not in any particular order, I've used all of these products over the years and found them to be good. Regane, Techron, Amsoil PI, and Redline FI cleaner are all good products.
Techron is all I will use for 4cycle.

For a 2cycle outboard, I'd get a decarbonizer from one of the manufacturers. I wouldn't run something made for 4cycle products.
if you can find it cd-2 makes a fuel additive in a multi-dose squeeze bottle.if i remember correctly it was about 2 oz to 10 dose got rid of a slight skip in a maxima i owned in less than 1/2 tank of fuel.good stuff just hard to find.
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+1 Techron "fuel system" cleaner before each oil change. use the Techron "system cleaner" and not the weaker "injector cleaner"

May I ask why BEFORE each oil change?
Some people believe that blowby that contains these additives can harm bearings. Changing your oil after using them won't allow the chemicals to stay in the sump very long.
Using it before an oil change makes sense, but before *each* oil change? cmon..that seems more than a bit excessive. I suppose it would depend on what you're oci is as well.

Although, I have to ask: if you're using good quality fuel like Chevron w/ Techron or V-Power, why would you need any fuel additive at all?
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i wanted to add i want it for my outboard too

For your auto Techron Plus

For your outboard( 2 or 4-stroke ) Evinrude 2+4( AMAZING product! )
Injectors flow spray reduction, valve buildup, intake buildup, carbon buildup on pistons, PCV/EGR crud, ......starts the minute you start your car. If you are not using a, you are very likely going to need an FI cleaner at every oil change.

I've pulled plenty of injectors and intakes. You'd be surprised how quickly crud builds up.
Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner for Large Vehicles.

High percentage of PEA detergents for less bucks than competitors.
B&G 44K
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