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Apr 10, 2004
I've always tried to use one brand/formula of oil and stick with it throughout the vehicle's life. Is this stupid? Will it hurt anything at all to switch oils after draining the old stuff? Also, I've posted some other questions concerning a 6.0 Chevy gas engine. As stated in those questions, I'm currently using Series 2000 0-30W oil. I live in Montana, so I picked this oil because we get a lot of cold weather. Thanks in advance!
It certainly isn't stupid. That way if you ever do have problems, it reduces the variables to consider in figuring out what the problem is. It also solves any possible compatibility problems. It has been a long time since I have used much except Pennzoil oil, Prestone antifreeze, Prestone brake fluid, Valvoline gear oil, etc. I did switch from regular to Prestone Low Tox antifreeze several years ago. Since PF 1177 and PF 2244G oil filters are hard to find, I have largely switched to ST and Purolator.
You picked a fine oil, and a fine oil for Montana. [Welcome!] Welcome to the world of lubes. Read and learn. You may just become interested enough in oil to pay the $20 to see how your oil is doing with an analysis. Nothing wrong with changing oil brands as required.
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