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Oct 3, 2008
I've got a top end overhaul coming this summer for my truck, and wanted to compare some prices online. I was shocked to see Beck/Arnley parts are less than half OEM! Add shipping and it's still cheaper:

Intake Valve (6): $23.22 (OEM: $81.27)
Exhaust Valve (6): $34.14 (OEM: $81.27)
Intake Valve Guide (6): $7.20 (OEM: $25.25)
Exhaust Valve Guide (6): $7.44 (OEM: $25.25)
Timing Belt Tensioner: $11.52 (OEM: 25.77)

Add $43.07 International Priority shipping to Kuwait and the grand total is $126.59 as opposed to $238.83 to get OEM parts locally.
Long story short, should I just buy the Beck/Arnley parts? Are they of lesser quality than OEM to be priced so differently? Any input will be muchly appreciated, thanks!
Been using Beck/Arnley for decades, and I must say that I have full confidence on them as far as quality's concerned.

For Japanese imports, Beck/Arnley pretty much sourced from the same OE equivalent Japanese (or foreign Japanese subsidiaries) parts and are of very, very good quality.

I found many "so-called" domestic suppliers of Japanese OE parts are sub-par to that of Beck/Arnley.

Thanks a lot for the input! Been doing a bit of reading on them as well, and they seem to be a rather decent source of aftermarket parts as far as Japanese vehicles are concerned. The savings are also pretty substantial!
I sold BA parts back in the day and 90% of it was just relabeled OE parts.
I've also read reviews on Beck/Arnley parts and most say they are the same part as OEM, in a different box. Sometimes they are in the original OEM box with a Beck/Arnely labeled slapped on it.

Glad to hear good things about B/A parts as I recently put in one of their re-manufactured starters into my personal vehicle.
Went ahead and ordered the lot. $122.41 including shipping, as opposed to the dreaded $238.83.
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