Bear Claws - How I make them

Oct 31, 2017
People like my bear claws. "Nag, nag, nag. More bear claws." It's someone's birthday so I made a few bear claws.

Puff pastry gets rolled out into a rectangle. Sprinkle flour on the board the pastry and the rolling pin for a nonstick experience.

Nut filling goes on it. The filling consists of ground almonds and hazelnuts, monk fruit, rum, vanilla, and a couple finely crumbled butter cookies. If you don't want to use monk fruit you can use crushed dates or figs, or even sugar.

Brush the dough facing you with egg whites as adhesive.

Fold the dough over and press down around the edges. If you want to be fancy you can make a pattern with a fork along the edges. I'm not fancy.

Cut the toes with a sharp knife. I make six toes because those bear claws are big and one will serve two. I don't want people fighting over the last toe.

Brush the bear claw with a well-beaten egg. This will make the sliced almonds stick and give a bice golden color when baking.

Sprinkle with slivered almonds.

Bake at 350 F with more top heat for the last 5 minutes or however your oven works.

Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar to give the illusion of a sugar-loaded pastry.

A few layers of
Those would go real good with a cup of good coffee in the morning
Oh Yeah! but given a choice Apple Fritters win out. :love:
Oh Yeah! but given a choice Apple Fritters win out. :love:
Those fritters look way too sweet for my taste. For me. apple strudel wins every time. If I had no self-control strudel would most certainly mean my demise. I could not possibly live in Austria. 10 years ago I went skiing in Kitzbuehel and I gained 5 pounds in a week! Strudel three times a day is a good thing but not a good thing for you! Apfel, Kirsch (cherry), Pflaumen (plum), Mohnstrudel (poppy strudel). I like them all. My favorite is Apfel-Topfenstrudel (Apple-cheese) strudel) as depicted. Arnold agrees with me.

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