Battery Chainsaw

Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
I got a battery powered chainsaw and can't believe it, perfect for around the yard. I just got the 12' blade greenworks. Battery lasts about 1hr ish depending on
size of wood. Has powered through 12 -16 inch logs. Not loud, no gas and easy to take off chain/cleanup. Dummy easy (which is good for me). I didn't even know they had battery powered until a friend told me he had good luck with it.
A couple of years ago I laughed at the idea of battery chainsaws. I have been proven wrong. They can still inflict bodily damage, so don't let "dummy easy" guide you too much. Have fun!
We got one in the family about a year ago. As stated, they are perfect for around the yard use. Light, easy to use, uses the same battery pack in our case as other tools, and no fussing with 2 stroke gas, etc... We've cut larger stuff with it (has a 12" bar I believe) and it works. Still prefer a gas saw for the heavy work, but for around the yard in occasional use, they are great.
I've had an Oregon 40 volt for several years and really liked it for small jobs. It crapped out a couple years ago and parts are not available for it. I replaced it with a Makita 36 volt and I like it as well.
There are plenty of You Tube videos on the battery operated chain saws. For home use they are perfect. For all day use out in the forest they would require a number of batteries. Still doable if you are serious about it.
i like + got a Makita 10" for trimming + lite cutting with 2 18V batteries that fit many other tools like their leaf-snow blower, BUT for serious cutting my husquarna rocks!!
I still have my Stihl for the big stuff. However, I am also still recovering from Covid and was not sure I was up to using something that big. The stump of the dead pine tree I had to cut down was about 14". It took a little while, but I cut it off with the Ryobi. Three cuts since I had left a stump about 4' high. Then I was pretty winded.
I've got a 20v Worx. Most likely will be upgrading to the Ego as I've already got the snow blower and weed trimmer.
I have a Stihl MS251 and a Makita 36V saw.

The Stihl is great.The Makita is great.

For anything outside of full on day of tree work Ill grab the Makita every time.