Bathtub spout fitting removal help?

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Oct 15, 2006
Hey guys I have an old delta faucet from 88 that just messed the bed. The diverter gave out and well...This is not a diverter that can be just changed out. It's a whole spout replacement deal. Here's the issue my spout is a 3/4 inch spout and all I can find are 1/2 inch replacements. I tried getting a delta faucet (universal) replacement with no luck either. It had all the fittings but...Here's the kicker...The fitting thats on the pipe looks or feels like it may have been soldered on. There is not a set screw so I'm not sure how to remove this. I tried applying heat from a torch and it didn't budge. I have a pic below of the setup. Any ideas or any way to point me in the right direction of just leaving the fitting on there and replacing the spout?
It is soldered on. Remove the o-ring so it doesn't burn and heat with a torch.
Yes, you appear to have the soldered on version: Wrap the copper pipe with a wet towel within an inch or so of the fitting for a heat sink (into the wall), then apply a lot more heat to the fitting to get the solder to release. I'm surprised that Delta does not have a replacement spout that just screws onto the existing fitting. Whenever I have called them, they are superb at assisting with old faucet parts.
Thanks for the youtube vid! I'll get a second set of hands for the channel locks and try again over lunch
doitmyself you are the man/woman! That got it! Now...Time to hit up the local hardware store to get the new spout!
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doitmyself you are the man/woman! That got it! Now...Time to hit up the local hardware store to get the new spout!
I know you probably need it today, but generally Delta has a lifetime warranty on their products.
Ditto above. Send Delta the pictures and they should send you the parts. Most fixtures sold by major companies like Delta have lifetime warranties. I just got a Symmons part, sent them the picture with my address and they knew exactly what the problem was and sent me the part.
This is an el cheapo delta plastic spout and I wanted to upgrade to a metal one that has a replaceable diverter anyways so decided now was the best time/excuse to upgrade
Dayco makes a metal spout, that has a separate fittng, that clamps onto 1/2 in. copper pipe.Then spout threads onto fitting.Also has rebuildable diverter kit.
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