Bars leak intake sealer,do i use again after flush?

Aug 8, 2005
stamford, CT
About 2 years ago,98 lesabre,I took the manifold off,New gaskets,I put in. It leaked even after growing it,via the bolts in manifold.took apart 5 bars leak intake and manifold sealer,viper worked! After 2 tries.
I looked in my overflow,last appears,I used green coolant,instead of the Orange stuff. It works just fine,green coolant. If,I flush the engine block and radiator...drain,4 gallons distilled water,run with cleaner,drain, refill fresh coolant,green...Will I need,too add more bars leak intake and manifold sealer!?
You got some issue(s) going on if you needed stop leak in the first place after the work was done .There should be no reason to ever use a leak sealer after replacing the intake gaskets.

I wouldn't add anymore stop leak after the flush. If you discover a leak, perhaps you should pressure test the cooling system and repair any leak as needed.
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