Bars Aluminum Stop leak with G05 Coolant. Safe?

Nov 11, 2020
I've got a 2011 Wrangler with the 3.8L. Swapped. Ive got a small leak behind my water pump. They are a pain to swap out. I have Zerex G05 Coolant in it. Is Bars Leak Liquid Aluminum Radiator Stop Leak ok to use?
The risk reward is low.

risk chance of clogging something.=low

Reward- chance actually fixing anything = low

Better off just fixing it IMO.
If you decide to use it , add a little at a time rather than dumping the whole container in at once. The big slug of the alumastop may clog a passage if dumped in all at once.
Stop leak can also stop flow. If you have a leak it'd be better to just keep topping it off and fix it when you have the time or money. Replacing a heater core is a much bigger headache than just doing it right in the first place.
That's about the easiest water pump to change out there. It does not even use a mechanical fan! Do it right.
I just looked it up. Ya the pump looks easy, but I don't think thats whats leaking now. After looking it up. I've noticed a small pool of water behind the timing chain cover just below the Alternator. I thought that the timing chain cover and water pump was all in one. Not sure where the leak is coming from now.
Nope, don't ever use any kind of stop leak type of product. A buddy of mine bought a Jeep XJ where the owner put stop leak in it to try and fix a small radiator leak. We've flushed the cooling system several times and replaced the radiator. He was still having issues with it so we had to install a coolant filter. Stop leak has a higher chance of causing issues down the line than actually fixing anything.
Have good results with this stuff, no adverse effects. ;)
See that when you dump the whole canister at once, key is to tap into the radiator a little at a time. ;)