backpack blower find on CL

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
I was looking for a backpack blower to blow the leaves off my dirt drive before I get a truckload of item 4. I don't bother with my lawn so this would be a once every year or two use. Many on CL were beat up Echos used by landscapers or a high priced Husky or Stilh (close to new price.) I came across a 30 cc Homelite for $25. Had not been started in 5 years and owner said the gas was almost jelly. It was not seized. So I did not dicker, took it home, dumped the little amount of gas out. What came out looked like 2 cycle oil in visc and color. Maybe 1/4 cup came out. Poured in some drug store alcohol, shook it let it set an hour, dumped it out and poured in some Stihl 50:1 gas & oil from a can. The stuff is 92 octane and pure gas & oil. Pours like gold (or maybe that was my imagination at the $9.00/QT). Anyway, with a few pulls it started right up and ran fine. I will change the plug and I think I am good to go. So the gas (1 QT) costs almost half what the blower cost. I would have gone $35 for a 50 cc.
I've got a Homelite hand-held blower I bought as a refurb unit through Harbor Freight over 12yrs ago. I think I paid around $50 for it at the time. I've left gas in it all winter and the unit still starts within a few pulls. Embarrassingly enough, I've still got the ORIGINAL spark-plug and air filter on it! If fact, I've never pulled/checked either. I've also got an Echo PB200 blower that was given to me. All it needed was a good fuel system cleaning and it was good to go. I tend to use the Echo a bit more. Joel
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