ATF on Jeep. Change by date or mileage?

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Jun 5, 2006
Hi guys,

My Jeep is 4 years old on the original ATF. The helms calls for an ATF change at 30K (miles) OR two years.

Its double the date, BUT, only has 15K miles. It hasnt seen any offroad judging by the underbody and condition, but we plan to use ot offroad a bit. We wont do any towing though.

Would you change it? I plan on it at some point before next winter, but might do it sooner, if thats the concensus.

Thanks again!
Any true bitoger wouldn't even have to ask this question! Change it out :)

Truthfully, it's probably still OK, unless it got contaminated somehow. But personally I'd change it over to Amsoil or Redline just for my own peace of mind. In fact, I'd change all the underbody fluids over to syn.
Thanks bud.

haha, Ive been on here for a couple years now. Maybe I should get my butt in gear!! Your right though. It DOES have a hitch on it, and the PO might have done some towing, maybe I will do just that.
Offroading tends to be slow speeding driving, lots of stop/go, .... which can cause an AT to run hot.

A full synthetic ATF along with additional cooling would be smart. Which Jeep? which ATF?
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