Are you on the "autism spectrum"? And if so, what are your + and - skills?

Does my absolute fascination with spinning things count towards a diagnosis :D:D:D

My Gawd that's beautiful, absolute centerfold material.

Maybe you are more likely to have what I have - dycalculia. I have some things that autism types have, but really it's a dyslexia/dycalculia thing - that being 3D visuals. I had an advanced reading and comprehension level when young, but seriously backwards in mathematical ability. Really, I only add, I add to subtract, add to multiply. I knew my times tables which was a big help...but these days I know 6x7 is 42, but don't know what 7x7 is, so add 7 to 42...on my fingers...and so on.

But it's the 3D images and ''movie in the head'' that sets us apart...and we tend to be in trades or physical jobs, not because we are stupid, but being able to mentally visualize the work we are doing. One of my daughters has it too, and she is a to see the whole garment in her head, from all once.

So I'm not a BITOG type that will get into a panic because they have slightly overfill their car....but I will put the oil container on my desk, and read every single word and marking on it....and walk away with it in my head, it's all there, in 3D.
I can't believe this, I am like this.
In the past year, I’ve developed a strong dislike to loud noise. My hearing tests excellent besides some very minor loss in my left ear that the doc says is no worry. What he finds odd is its conductive loss but my eardrum pressure and everything tests fine. He says its a mystery. Due to the Aspergers, Im so worried about losing my hearing that Ive developed a rather odd dislike to loud noise. Barking dogs….cant stand it. My dads (whos hard of hearing) cell phone rings…..get it away from me. I tested it with my decibel meter its 90db which is loud for me. A slamming door drives me crazy. I have zero issues with asking the manager of a restaurant to turn down the music. Its a hindrance that Im trying to control. My mom said that when I was a toddler that I didnt like loud noise.