Apple Watch Series 3

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Aug 30, 2004
I am trading in my iPhone 6 Plus and will have a semi-decent gift card to use towards another Apple Product. I am considering the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 3. In the past, I have not been a big watch guy, but I am open to trying the idea again. Does anyone own an Apple Watch?
I have a series 2. It's decent, particularly for tracking health stuff, as an actual watch, because accidentally touching the screen changes what's on it, it isn't all that great. I do find it convenient to see what people are texting or e-mailing me without hauling out my phone however.
I own a 42mm Series 1. I’ve always been a big fan of traditional watches but when I receieved a bunch of Apple gift cards a while back I thought I would try it out. I love the thing - also glad I went with the 42 over 38. My wife uses the 38 and my battery lasts quite a bit longer than hers. You wouldn’t think it would make a big difference, but the bigger case on the 42mm model allows a slightly bigger battery. Are you going for the LTE model or the non-LTE?
If you're looking at the LTE version, Series 3 is the only way to get it. For non-LTE, Series 3 offers two big advantages that may not be all the big, depending on your lifestyle. Series 3 is waterproof. If you swim, it's worth it. Series 3 also has a built-in GPS. If you'd like to run or bike without dragging your phone along to track the route, it's worth it. Otherwise, don't be afraid to look at the less expensive Series 1. I regularly wear a watch and I do love analog watches, but my Apple Watch is my daily.
I assume you're getting another phone in a way that you can't put the credit towards it? Does the Apple Watch need an Apple phone to work best?
I have a first gen Apple Watch and use mainly the messaging, activity tracking, and weather features as well as normal watch features like the timer, alarm etc. also it’s great for changing what’s playing on your phone or adjusting the volume if it’s in your pocket or across the room. I’d recommend getting the series 3 for battery life, processor speed and built in gps. Only watch I have found useful enough to actually wear and that’s worth something. I’ve got the 42mm which I’d recommend also, just for slightly easier use and viewin of the screen.
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