Anyone ever use Pinnacle Forum Favorite Kit from AutoGeek?

Nov 12, 2020
Chicago, IL
I was originally thinking about getting my BMW ceramic coated (cost about $1,700~). But, I was talking to one of my coworkers that flips older Porches and he recommended I try Autogeeks Pinnacle Forum Favorite Kit ( It's $130 with shipping. He said he gives the car better than showroom shine and good protection.

On the old BMW that I sold, I'd detail it twice a month. I'd first iron decon the paint, then if needed I'd clay bar it. Then apply one layer of Mothers CMX. Wait 24 hours and apply another coat. After letting the second coat of CMX dry, I'd apply Meguiars ultimate liquid wax. That's it. The car was silver so couldn't really see the shine.

My current BMW is Graphite Grey Metallic. You can see the metallic flakes when the sun hits the paint. I was planning on doing the same thing I did with my old BMW to my new one. But, wondering if Autogeeks kit would make the color pop more and give me longer protection.