Anybody Know Anything About This Vacuum?

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Look at the one gallon Shop Vac brand. It's less expensive and will do a good job. That's what I have used for years. Should be able to pick one up for less than $25.
Sorry to drop in and hijack, but would you be able to provide names places where they are for $25? I was looking at buying one for $50, so even $34.99 is good news to me.
Good thread, I badly need something to help keep up with the black carpet in the Dakota! Found a Lowe's branded, Shop-Vac mfg, 2.5 gal capacity hand held unit for $30:¤tURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dvac Looks like you'll have to copy & paste the link.
My girlfriend likes my RIGID...heh...I picked it up at home depot. They have at least 4 models. I bought the same size as the contractor working on my moms house and it looks like his has taken a beating, hes backed into/over it more than once. Basically if you let your 10 year old use your tools and they still work month after month then it's quality. AZ has more markup than HD/lowes/walmart so keep that in mind. Lowes has some good ones as linked above. I'd not buy a separate vacuum for the car and one for all other utility however.
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My girlfriend likes my RIGID...
Yeah, they all say that. They figure it can't hurt to boost your morale... grin2
For the ultra cheap, they now sell a rigid vacuum that hooks up to a 5 gallon paint bucket. Bucket sold separate for 3 dollars or something like that. I have a good sized rigid shop vac, and it has worked fine for five years. Be surprised when it comes time to buy a filter for it, that nearly cost what a new one does. My vac was 29 dollars, the new filter is 15 or so. The replacement filters however are washable, if you keep it somewhat clean it should last quite a long time.
I paid very close to the same (within $5.00) for a Sears 4HP wet or dry with a huge capacity. Look harder at what's out there.
I looked at small hand held vacuums in the "big city" yeterday. FYI, all 3 contenders(hand held, reasonably high quality & power, & price! no $50 & up units allowed) had 4-foot long, 1.25" dia hoses.(think you can use the house vac attachments on 'em) In order of my store visits, they were: 1. Home Depot had a Rigid-made, 2.5 gal, 1.75 hp unit, for $30, only advantage seemed to be a 10 foot cord. No wall bracket. It had some bad reviews on the inet, most relating to blowing dust or liquids all out the back when used to vacuum them up- I don't like the sound of that. The few in-store-stock were all in smashed-up boxes. Your HD store may vary. 2. Lowe's had a "Hang-Up" by Shop Vac, 2.5 gal, 2.5? HP, wall bracket included, 6 foot cord, for $30. Looked like it should be a great little hand-held. Does *Not* look like the photo on the Lowe's website- go to the Shop Vac site to see accurate photo. Lots of 'em in stock, pristine boxes. 3. Lowe's also had the "Bucket Max" by Shop Vac, just a lid & vacuum motor head to attach to your own 5-gal plastic bucket. So good it was priceless- grin - at least they had no price posted for it. I would expect ~$20 but that's a guess fueled by the SV site. Hose only, no? only 1? attachments, also 6 foot cord. 4. Walmart had a "Hang-On" by Shop Vac, 1.5 gal, 2.0 HP, 6 foot cord, also w/wall bracket, for $25. Looked like it should also be fine for a small easily used car vacuum. Also lots of 'em in stock in pristine boxes. IMO- it's a toss-up between the $30 Lowe's 2.5 gal Hang-Up & the $25 Walmart 1.5 gal Hang-On. They have identical hoses, cord lengths, attachments, & filter systems. The extra $5 at Lowe's buys you an extra gallon of capacity & a tiny bit more powerful suction(see specs at SV site), so you pays your money & takes your choice. I think I'm gonna buy myself one of those blue Lowe's vacs for Christmas. wink Your choice may vary.
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I paid very close to the same (within $5.00) for a Sears 4HP wet or dry with a huge capacity. Look harder at what's out there.
It really comes down to what is the proper (or more convenient) tool for the job. There is absolutely no question that one can go out and buy a larger vacuum for the same amount of money as one of these smaller ones (I bought a 16 gallon Ridgid with a 5 horse motor for $28.88 this past Black Friday.) I added this one to my fleet: 16 gal,5 horse Craftsman, 16 gal, 6 horse Ridgid, 12 gal, 4 horse Ridgid and the 2 small ones that I mentioned in this thread. All are conveniently distributed throughout the house and property to use when needed. The beauty of the small ones is this: They are not the PITA to use for smaller jobs like sweeping out the cars. Another beauty is that my wife can grab the small shop vac and go out and sweep the van (like she is doing this minute)or other small jobs around the house and it does not require my dragging out and putting away one of the big brutes. Makes life easier.
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