Any experience with Mag1 motor oils? Synthetic?

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Dec 20, 2014
NW of Ann Arbor, MI
There is a Farm and Home in nearby Chelsea, MI and they have the Mag1 line of oil along with others. The synthetic is less expensive and has seemed to work well, but I have not seen this brand anywhere else. Anyone have any knowledge of the synthetic from Mag1?
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Mag1 oil is made by Warren Distribution. They also make some of the best store brand oils.
Here's a link:
I have no experience with it, but if you try the Google search below, there's several dozen threads that should get you started:

mag 1 synthetic
Originally Posted By: MinamiKotaro
Mag1 is awesome, particularly their HDEOs. You can get it at great prices on Amazon, too.

I have used their 5w-30 Full Synthetic in my Briggs&Stratton 12.5HP Graden Tractor for the past 3 years, and it has done well with it. If a Air cooled single cylinder thats run hard in 100degree temps does well with this oil, i imagine other engines that require 5w-30 would do well with it also.
yep their 5w-40 all feet HDEO is in 2 tractors ATM and one tractor got 30 gallons of their trans/hydraulic fluid.

got mine on amazon as well. free shipping rocks.
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