anti seize on sway bar link bolts?

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Oct 10, 2013
Can you use anti seize on sway bar link bolts? They tend to rust up and are difficult to get off. In general can you put anti seize on bolts you think might get rusty?
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Yes, that's probably a good idea in PA.

+1 It would work but eventually it will wash out. How often are you changing sway bar links? I have only changed mine once ever.
I just cut my factory ones off then don't stick around long enough to see how the aftermarket ones do.

They aren't as mission critical as the other front end parts (that actually hold a wheel on etc) so have at it.
Wood tar is old trick in here, cost is next to nothing and it wont be going anywhere from the threads. Also available in a spray can
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No, just once. But I had to do a control arm so one is off again.

Thanks to everyone for the replies!

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Even used motor oil works. Are you changing sway bars a lot?
I put either anti-seize or Tri-Flow on all fastener threads. Lubed up threads have a far less chance of getting cross threaded or stripped.
I always use anti-seize compound on swaybar links. If they haven't been done, they often have to be removed destructively when you're changing struts. As a general practice, I use anti-seize liberally whenever I'm reinstalling almost any nut or bolt. We're in a low to moderate rust zone here - I can't imagine how quickly things would rust together down east.
Sounds like another use for Flex Seal!
If it can float your leaky boat, it surely would work for your rusty nuts
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