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San Rafael, CA
On my 2010 Escape 2WD, I think it's tire time. The fronts are worn badly, the rears are still OK for now, they are Hankook Dynapro HT that have been on there for about 50K miles. I do not like them and never have but that's what came with the car brand new from the Ford dealer when I bought it.

The reason the fronts are bad while the rears are fine is because I never rotate the tires. My reasoning is I can buy two at a time this way. But of course I had to get the screw in the back. Grrrr.

I drive a lot, commute quite a distance 6 days/wk and on my day off still often put a lot of miles on the vehicle. Tend to drive assertively/spiritedly/fast, whatever the nice word for that is these days.

Here are the options I've considered:

A. Repair the tire for $30 and put a set of used tires on the front. Skip the alignment. And probably by the time the new used fronts are worn the back will be completely worn too and then re-visit this topic and buy four new tires.

B. Looks like a set of Vredestein Quatrac 5 off Tire-Rack will cost me about $550 after tax. Then installation and alignment at a local shop, so let's say about $650-700. This was my original plan when it became time to buy tires but I just don't want to spend that much right now. Includes road hazard warranty.

AB. Buy two Vredestein Quatrac 5s, put them on the rear, have the leaky tire fixed and put those on the front.

C. Another option is get my alignment at the local shop then get tires at Costco. Currently $150 off 4 tires rebate on Michelin. But they are all out of stock so I don't even know how much that would be (they don't show prices on out of stock). I suspect it would also add up to the same or more as option B. Includes road hazard warranty.

D. I was quoted $500 installed for a new set of four Westlakes at a local shop. So let's say about $600 inc/ alignment. NO road hazard warranty.

E. Just keep adding air to the bad tire and move on with my life.

Anyone have any opinions? Any of these options a clearly more reasonable choice for reasons I'm not touching upon? Or other ideas?

First pic is of rear tire with screw. Second pic is condition of front tires.


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Patch the tire and start looking for replacements.

Problem with 2 pairs of dissimilar tires is that in an emergency different levels of traction may bite you.

All four tires are toast based on age. B or C.

Also, there is something to be said for building a relationship with your tire shop. I get wanting to save money by buying tires through Tire Rack, but there is something to be said for being recognized as a good customer when the time comes for repairs or to have the shop go to bat for you if you need to use the manufacturer's road hazard or treadwear warranty. Of course that has its limits and you shouldn't just blindly pay what the shop wants you to pay, but I've received a lot of free/discounted labour from my tire shop, which I'm quite sure eclipses any savings I could have made by buying tires online.
Texas Hill Country
Since you are in California, surely you have a Discount Tire or America's tire around.

I wouldn't mess with tirerack.

I'd buy four tires from Discount, and add the road hazard warranty and call it a day.

That way you get free service for the life of the tire.

I don't think name brand is going to be too important on a ten year old escape. I shop by review and price point, and I have an escape also.

Currently using GT radial's on my Escape, they are fine. I think the parent company is GITI, and for my application they are fine and quiet.
Mt. Vernon, NY
I agree with JustinH. Discount Tire or America's Tire is your best bet. Replace all 4 with a decent tire. They will rotate the tires at no additional cost down the line to help them wear evenly. Also, the Michelin Defenders are great tires. My wife has them on her 12 Escape and they have been awesome. With 51k miles on it now, the tires are still about 6 - 7/32nd and they are the original tires.


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America’s Tire has some Yokohama’s for $125 each (about same as those Vredsteins). I’d get 2 of those until you want to spend for 2 more.