Another SCORE !!!

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Jul 14, 2017
Dallas Texas Area
Looking for a back up work truck


2002 Suburban 1500 LS flex fuel 5.3

really cool 71U RPO Orange/Maroon

Clear title Rust free north Texas truck

1 owner GM dealer maintained.

168K miles

New AC/Delco battery

New Alternator

New GM serp belt

All new pulleys

Dealer threw a in a free detail


from my personal analysis and preventive maintenance

Rear diff service

Oil Pan gasket

Oil Change/Flush( Hmmm what should I use from my oil stash of goodness ??? )

Fuel filter

Air filter

Cabin Filters

New Wipers

New trans fluid. pan gasket+filter.

HVAC control unit. Only works on #5 speed

Front/rear shocks

Tune Up. Plugs/wires

New Windshield

I can can get all that done with my hookup for around $500-600 parts and labor


Touchscreen radio with Android

new clear head lights and turns

6000K HID headlights

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Originally Posted by dishdude
Looks sweet! What's with the trash bin on the passenger seat?

Gumout Multi engine with PEA added half in engine oil and half in fuel, Hyper-lube Super-cool. Free A/C Freon and PAG oil dealer gave me

Good ole pag 46 oil made the A/C so cold I could make ice cream in that sucker :Grin2:

I used to drive a 2008 Silverado company truck . HVAC fan quit . It was the electronic module that takes the place of the resisters in the older vehicles .,2002,suburban+1500,5.3l+v8,1380327,heat+&+air+conditioning,blower+motor+control+module+/+resistor,6557
Gum out in the oil???

Great looking truck.

Hopefully there's a good HID retrofit kit for your rig; otherwise, it'll look like crap and annoy a lot of drivers around you.
Originally Posted by gathermewool
Gum out in the oil???

Great looking truck.

Hopefully there's a good HID retrofit kit for your rig; otherwise, it'll look like crap and annoy a lot of drivers around you.


Ya Gumout multi tune up you can pour in engine to clean out. Same thing like Seafoam but the Gumout has PEA for a better DEEP CLEAN. And I have a stock of 10 cans I scored at a closing pep boys for $1 each

The HID are plug and play 6000K and same brightness as whats out there from manufactures. I also have the same set up on my 01 Silverado, New chrome clear assemblies with 6000K HID plug and play bulbs and not ONCE have a had someone flash ther lights at me


[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
We had a 2004 AWD Yukon for 108k trouble free miles …
then gave it to our son … good memories.

Great Deal!

I have a 2003 Z71 that i paid $1500 for.. but mine needed to be gone thru from nose to tail. I bought new headlight assemblies but i hate them.. So curious as to what you are using? Mine are the Depo projector housings... and i have LED headlights in low beam and they are horrible. My oem ones were yellow and cracked so i had to get new ones.

Two things that i can pass along that you may or may not overlook-
1) does yours have the spare tire under the rear?- If so assure that you can release it if needed. Mine had to be cut off.. the mechanism did not work.. and couldnt work.

2) if you feel or hear a slight clunk in the front, its possibly the steering shaft joint.. its just dry of lubrication. Remove the bolt on the collar and slide it front to back about 10 times to lubricate the joint.. There is plenty of oem grease in there it just gets moved away from the pivot and the sliding action re-lubes it.
Thanks everyone im VERY happy with my purchase

Found some GOOD deals on "Amazony"

Today-Monday following getting done

Rear LED license plate lens/bulbs

Oil Change/flush

new front rear shocks

Cabin Filters

New fuel filter

New wipers
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