Amsoil Power Foam Usage Question

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Feb 3, 2006
Howdy, I got a can of Amsoil Power Foam & want to use it on my 1998 Saturn SC2 "Red Hot". It says to remove the Air Filter assy & spray into the TB. The snorkel between the TB & Air Filter Box is an extreme bear to remove as it lodges next to the Brake Fluid Reservoir. How about I spray the Power Foam into the PCV Hose?? Thanks!
Not the same application as you but I've used it a few times. I've sprayed it into the PCV hose, let it foam up and repeated it a few times. I used it to clean an IAC, and sprayed into where the IAC sits. I also shot it into the cylinder head were the fuel injectors go when I replaced them on my van. I had the throttle body off and shot it into the engine via the intake manifold. I didn't clean the TB with it though. It works quite well.
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