AMSOIL 10w-30-good or bad?

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Hey all! I am curious to know whether any of you guys think that AMSOIL 10w-30 is really a good oil to run in a hard driven 4-cyl. Mazda Protege'5 (Its a 2002)? I went ahead and compulsively bought some for my next oil change because the price and the specs were good on it. And they also claim an HTHS of >3.5 and TBN of >12.2. I was looking at using Motul 0w-40 but its more $$ and harder to obtain.(MolaKule havent you ran this grade before?)

The other choice was Neo Synthetic oil in a 10w-30 but its **** $10usd/qt and although the VI is 185 to AMSOIL's 167, and has a higher flash point, etc., its TBN is only 8.03! What's y'all's opinions? Run the AMSOIL, or MOTUL 0w-40 or the NEO 10w-30? The Motul is $8usd/qt.

I guess this is really an advice/poll thing. Help is greatly appreciative.
I do not doubt that you will like the oil and its results (if you do some analysis). I am personally using Mobil Delvac 1 5W40 in my Protege 1996.


Chris J
Atlanta gets hot doesn't it? If your not interested in playing the 4 letter CAFE game then D1, M1 0W40, Redline 10W40 (they have a 5W40 now too I hear), Amsoil who knows, Schaeffers S7000 blend or Pennzoil syn (Johnny could advise there?). Neo too if really keen.
Well, I don't know if it works any better then others. I have use dthe Amsoil 10W30 for 10 years in my Camry V6 with 7500 change interval and now has 147,000 miles. It get's hot as hell where I live and certainly as hot as your location. I also have run it in a Ford 4 cyl with no problem (now using a 0W30 in that 4 banger) so in my opnion it appears to hold up. Depends on how hard your engine beats up the oil. My Camry about 7500 is it, My Buick can go 12,000 between changes with it. I fyou change every 3000, it will definitely hold up well.
Next change @ 5K miles will either be Mobil 1 0w-40 or Motul 8100 0w-40 (its a full ester based oil). I may also try (if its not on back order again:() Motul's 6100 Synergie 5w-40. Although the Motul is the more expensive(same $$ as AMSOIL)oil, I hear it is grewat stuff, but so too is AGIP.

thanx everone for your input!! I changed my oil last nite and now have AMSOIL 10w-30 in it. I almost bought the AMSOIL 0w-40 friction modifiers? Is this bad? They claim its ok to run it in any 4-cycle motor/4-stroke.

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Yeah Right man!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!hehehehe.....
Nah, ill pass on the 0w-5 oil. hehehe.....good one!
Chris J,

I meant to say: "Like Vader said, do a search and make up your OWN mind. Here is food for thought:"

My apologies
Run with the Amsoil and post your results when you get an analysis.

I think we are splitting hairs here in determining what is the best of the best. All are above average oils....Schaeffer's, Amsoil, Red Line, and maybe Mobil 1/Delvac.

From the info I'm getting they are all top notch.

Currently have Amsoil in my new car (2002 Volvo S40) and Mobil 1 in my old car ('85 Volvo 245). Will get an analysis and try Schaeffer's in the old wagon.
Chris J,

I would recommend you try the Amosil 10W30 ATM, but run an oil analysis at not greater than 3k, since those small, hot, low sump capacity engines tend to really beat an oil.
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