All-vehicle coolant

Jan 3, 2006
The Ram I just bought has big warnings to only use OAT coolant, and the stuff that's in it is pink. The Honda I've only used Honda coolant, which is blue. For the MG I have some old Prestone bottles with the traditional green stuff. Out of curiosity I thought I'd see if Prestone has the right stuff for the Ram, and looking up on their site, all 3 come up with their all-vehicle coolant. Aside from the color mismatches, can it truly mix with the others? Something sounds fishy, I've always heard you shouldn't mix coolant types. I even looked up the wife's departed Equinox (Dex-cool), and yep, this stuff says it's for that too!
Prestone All Vehicles can mix but I still do not recommend mixing.

I run Prestone All Vehicles in my Chevy which came with Dexcool.

Dexcool and Mopar is a OAT formula.

By the way I recommend you stick to OEM, being that yours is a 2021 I assume you still have a warranty.
Weird-most newer Mopar OAT is purple, or at least it starts out that way. Pink sounds more like the older HOAT (Mopar "Red", AKA G-05/Motorcraft Premium Gold). Under warranty I think, no pink. I had to do the same thing with my '02 Cummins Ram when I first bought it, somebody had put green AF in it & I switched it to Mopar Red.
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Not a fan. Either buy OEM or at least Zerex has all the different types.
Agreed 100%.

I've had vehicles that required special HOAT or OAT or Aisin, and was wrongly told that "any vehicle" coolant would work but in doing research it can cause expensive damage if mixed with the wrong types. Best to just buy the exact right coolants.
If you were doing a full flush/swap you could go over to Prestone just fine. I plan to swap my 2016 over when I change coolant at 10yrs. What are you doing now, just want a jug for top offs? I'd get OEM, I've never had to add any to mine.

Here's the Zerex stuff for newer FCA vehicles:

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I feel this way - if the car was filled with OAT/pHOAT, you can use Prestone or Peak AMAMs but Dex-Clone AMAMs are for topping off only. If it’s an SiOAT, G-05 is the wildcard since it has borate and nitrite for wet liner protection but might not play nice with OAT/pHOAT(Prestone Cor-Guard/Peak 10X).