Aftermarket solutions to Lexus suspension


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Apr 19, 2016
In relation to my thread where new tires and alignment were done to a 2004 Lexus LS430 with 150,000mi where the rear camber cannot be adjusted:

Finally got the rear camber corrected using the Megan Rear Camber arms. Took a while to do the mod but since the car was due for tires, major suspension work needed to be done before jumping on the alignment rack and getting new shoes.

200,000mi Lexus LS430 suspension rebuild:
Front end sounded like an old ford so it got new lower and upper complete control arms, lower ball joints, and steering rack bushings. Struts, inner/outer tierods and wheel bearings were replaced prior.
Rear end non-adjustable lateral link bar is replaced with Megan adjustable camber arms. Struts and wheel bearings were replaced prior. Upper control arm ball joint and bushings not excessively worn.

Alignment specs before/after:

The solid poly steering rack bushings "cleaned up" the toe adjustment. The stock bushings allowed for excessive play so turning the wheel while stationary would shift the rack left and right. That was one of the biggest issues where the steering wheel would be crooked with a slight pull weeks after an alignment. Tie rod ends were not touched when installing the new bushings.

The Megan rear camber arms were installed the day prior to getting new tires since we'd be installing the arms with its out of box adjustment. Turnbuckle in the middle for easy adjustment but that's for the alignment guy to fool around. Out of spec rear end made it a squeally drive to the tire shop but at the end of the day it's nice to see green bars after a surprisingly easy suspension rebuild job.

New tires are Toyo Versado Noir the successor to the Versado LXII which this car had two sets on prior to the Michelin Defender LTX "truck" tires that were on.
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The front end was never a strong point on the UCF10/20/30 Celsior/LS as well as the 4th gen LS. They love to eat bushings and many on ClubLexus from my observations opt for aftermarket polyurethane bushings. They work, but fit is questionable and they squeal unless frequently lubed and then some.

I recall on an old LS400 I had replacing the upper and lower control arm bushings with PU ones. The ones I had were Daizen ones.
Yea, had the same problem with my 2003 GS430. Got the aftermarket rear camber arms from FIGS and it helped a lot.

As for Polyurethane Bushings, they are stiff and will squeak over time. The 430 had beefier control arms vs the 400 models. I had opted for OE control arms.
I think there was someone in Australia that made OE-style rubber/steel bushings for the older UCF10/20 and UZZ/JZZ30 LS/Celsior and Soarer/SC cars as well.