AEM Dryflow vs. Paper OEM?

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Dec 6, 2017
Between AEM Dryflow filters, or OEM paper-style, which do you guys prefer? Looking at replacing my engine air filters come spring time. My only reason for the AEM's is the washability and good reviews for these. The AEM's are twice as much as the OEM type, but if it can be washed and re-used several times, it should pay for itself and more. The AEMs will be drop in replacements for the stock air cleaner, so I'm not expecting any changes in performance or flow over OEM.
I have an AEM dry flow. The first style fell apart and AEM replaced it free express shipping. The new one looks just like an oiled K&N without the oil, wire reinforced and all. Had it two years and washed it twice.
An AEM Dryflo cone filter came with my Mazdaspeed Cold Air Intake for my MS3. No issues whatsoever, and UOAs showed no increase in silicon or insolubles. I bought a second one so that I could wash one and let it dry and not have to wait to reinstall it.
The DryFlow is very efficient, so you could definitely save some cash long term, but I wouldn't expect any power gains from just a drop in filter. I replaced both OEM filters in my Rams with DryFlow, but the drop in for mybtrucks are quite a bit different from OEM, and do flow more air. I've got almost 40k miles on both, and restriction gauges have yet to show any restrictions.
Have had an AEM DryFlow OEM style (panel filter) on my Forester since 2011. I use Simple Green to clean it.
Reminds me... I should probably clean mine on my '01 Civic's short ram intake. They are great filters from what I understand and much better than the oily K&N rock catchers. I usually just go to Wally and buy whatever they have that fits when I need a filter.
Definetly an excellent filter. K&N owns AEM now. Notice their websites are basically identical. And the red dry flow has K&N logo on the metal band on the cone filters
I seem to recall a flow test showing a new AC Delco flowing more than a used K&N. I no longer buy K&N, but I have had an interest in the dry style filters.
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