Adjusting Timing on diesel corolla moving ip

Jul 22, 2020
Good afternoon,

1990 toyota corolla diesel 1c engine
The mechanic adjusted the fuel pump physically by moving its location to retard the timing as he said that the engine was making a clacking noise too much.

The engine did sound quieter after he retarde timing by moving pump a little. He said he retarteded the timing a degree or two by moving it.

I wonder if the two stroke oil i added to diesel incremented the cetane rating which is like advancing the timing so that is why the mechanic retarded the timing a bit.

Old IDI diesels do get pump timing set that way.

Did you pop and balance injectors?

2 stroke at a reasonable dose won’t make enough of a difference. Timing and setting pop pressure will. Sounds like your injectors are going off early, and it’s being remedied by changing timing. A band aid fix.
I calibrated inyectors at factory spec psi with pop calibration and installed new inyector nozzles not more than 10k miles ago