Acid Burn-off?

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Originally posted by MolaKule:

Good question.

First, I don't think acid build up is much of a problem unless you're running fuels or oils with high sulfur content (sulfuric acid); diesel fuels have higher sulfur content which is why a more robust detergent/dispersant package with high base (overbased, high TBN) are needed for diesels.

With diesels running very high sulfur fuels the TBN of the oil needs to be matched to the sulfur content of the fuel. Too high TBN results in alkaline attack of the metal, too low TBN results in acid attack. By the way, there is one brand of diesel that requires high sulfur fuel and zero TBN cylinder lube oil for the first 24 hours after changing rings or liner--they need the acid attack for break-in. Then, back to the oil with TBN matched to the fuel's sulfur content.

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