AAP Fram Titanium FS10575 filters

Apr 27, 2003
Lake Delton, WI
I ended up finding and buying 3 - 6 packs of AAP Fram Titanium FS10575 filters on eBay. Got them for $8.53ea filter after tax. The date code on all of them are 10853.....so March 26, 2021 3rd shift. I believe they all have the wire mesh, as when I shine a light in them I am pretty sure I can see it, plus the box still mentions it. Not that I am implying these are any better/worse than the newer ones, just stating an observation.

I then found and bought another 6 pack of them on eBay for $8 a piece. This date code is a bit newer at 13202...so November 16, 2021 2nd shift. These will probably be the newer ones based on -THIS- thread. One never knows for sure though.

Both my GF's and my vehicle takes this filter, so we should be set for awhile. I know they are pretty much the same as the Fram Ultras, but I like the full filter grip on these better, but not enough to pay $16ea for them though!