7-11 Boots CITGO

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Jul 6, 2005
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"...7-11 is now making the switch to its own branded gasoline", and "7-11 stores will begin selling in October gas provided by US companies, such as Tower Energy Group in Torrance, CA., Sinclair Oil of Salt Lake City and Frontier Oil Corp of Houston." Sinclair, now there's one from the memory bank.
Sinclair Oil of Salt Lake City Sinclair, now there's one from the memory bank.
It is great gas. I run mostly Sinclair gas since the gas station is the cheapest and they do a lot of business so the gas is fresh. Get top MPG and never had any fuel problems. Plus we are not supporting some nutjob when you buy citgo fuel... What more can you ask for? Take care, Bill
Sinclair, now there's one from the memory bank.
There are still a few Sinclair stations here in Saint Louis. Dino still lives!
There are still a few in Kansas City area also.. I think there is still a Sinclair refinery in Oklahoma.. Quick Trip gets a lot of their top tier gas from Sinclair. Viva la Dinosaur.
My uncle use to work for Sinclair back in the Sixties. I remember the green Dinosaur he gave me I think its name was Dino. I guess I was 4 or 5 at the time. I know at least by me there has been a back lash for sometime against Citgo. There are two 7-11 that are still Citgo's and they are dead every time I go by. The one, the owners are dying and they can't figure out that it is the sign above the gas pumps that is killing them. The owner told me that business is off almost 50% from two years ago. I just pointed to the sign and said that is your problem. That was at least six months ago and as last week it was still a Citgo station.
When I lived in Iowa there were many Sinclair gas stations with the old green dinosaur. Always liked that gas station... Up here in Apple Valley there are several Citgo gas stations - problem is, there is a gas station on the other side of the street selling gas for $.10/gal cheaper - they very rarely get business. This is on top of the fact that many people do not like Citgo due to reasons that won't be discussed here. :P
Wow, I remember that green dinosaur from when I was a kid living in St.louis. I thought they were all gone. And close by was a White Castle. We don't have any of those around here either.
And close by was a White Castle.
Hmmm, a supply source for all of their lubrication products?
Several years ago when I was Fresh Out of the Marine Corps I had went through "Evaluations" to become a CITGO refinery Operator. For a number of reasons it didn't work out, at this time I think that was a very good Omen. Unfortunately My father has worked at a Refinery that was bought by CITGO for 20 some odd years, and I have been worked in the plant during certain operations myself. Like most refineries they have their issues but the ownership is the biggest one. PDVSA did not build these refineries..they bought them to sell there oil to.
We have a couple of Citgo stations around but they are independant's and are not 7-11's Also have a WHITE CASTLE hamburger joint in Cleveland
No Sinclair down here on the Gulf Coast. I remember, and sorta miss, the green dinosaur from my childhood (the 60s, I was born in 61). Alas, all the gas on Naval bases down in this area is Citgo. It generally sells for $0.20 less per gallon than the civilian stuff. Strangely (to me) it all smells strongly like diesel fuel (unlike the top tier gas I buy when I'm not around a base, which smells like traditional gasoline). Way back while in college (79-83), I had a job as a bus driver, so I know that smell well (and how hard it was to get off your hands...). Anyone know why Citgo smells like diesel? No, it isn't really diesel -- it runs just fine. But OMG, that stuff stinks!
The Crude from venezuala is extremely heavy with sulpher. It is possible the gasoline you are getting is simply distilate gasoline and the area demands more feedstock for other uses than auto fuel (Aviation fuel ets) that gets the more severe refining downstream in the plant. Other plants(brands) may blend gasoline that has been finished, desulphered and or cracked with distilates and have less aromatic content and thus a differnt aroma. Advantages of sulpher in fuel is lubricity, disadvantages are emissions. I never buy CITGO fuel..not because of politics, but because I have been in a couple of their refineries and the source crude literally stinks and is better used for asphalt and heavy products than fuels. Some plants can only refine a certain percentage of this crude and have to blend it with sweet crude in order to properly process it. Other plants have had major renovations and Coker units to properly process the crude then the Coke is shipped back to third world countries where they burn it for powerplant fuel etc.. It is not legal to use it for power in the US due to the pollution it causes when burned as a fuel so we ship it out.. Needless to say I don't think much of the product and that is without politics.
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