5w40, help me choose- pentosin vs LM vs Motul

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Oct 14, 2014
Ok, so I made a switch about 6 months ago to M1 0w40 european for my 07 Audi s4. Great oil for the price and my UOA's seem quite normal on 4,000 miles OCI. However, I noticed consumption I did not experience before. Its around .3qt/1000 miles. Small, but still there. I used LM 5w40 religiously before and never noticed it. Im going to confirm the consumption is oil related by going back to the 5w40 for 2 intervals(this is my second interval with the m1 0w40 and consumption continues at same rate)

Can you all give me some numbers based/anectdotal advice on choosing between these four oils?
Pentosin High Performance 2
Motul Specific 5w40 Here and Here (same oil, right?)
Liqui Moly 5w40 Synthoil Premium Here or Here (can anyone get ahold of the tech data sheets? cant find them...)
Motul 8100 xcess Here
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I would go back to the Liqui Moly. Here is the data sheet:


So is the "Synthoil premium" the same as the "synthoil high tech" you posted there?
Dunno, but probably just wording depending on what country its marketed in. That is the German site. I will check the US site.
Need to compare NOACK volatility if consumption is an issue. Lower NOACK generally equates to lower consumption.
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Pennzoil Platinum euro 5w40?

Is this the one you refer to? Its numbers seem far different from the 4 above. Thoughts?
Doing this as morning coffee takes effect on a V day while dreading venturing out to do shopping so I just noticed the US data sheet has no tech specs... nice.
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Doing this as morning coffee takes effect on a V day while dreading venturing out to do shopping so I just noticed the US data sheet has no tech specs... nice.

Yea exactly! I wonder if its just a rebrand type thing for use in a different market. I have the specs of the sheet we could find in my table, but not the one on the US site...
Guess the simple answer is maybe to just go back to what worked before, which is the Liqui Moly Premium. German car German oil

Here are the numbers from above, for what I could find, with the addition of the current mobil 1 0w40 next to them. Which is a step in a right direction then?
oils with wider spreads as 0-40 vs 10-40 are not as good unless its a real group IV-V synthetic. your high performing engine deserves top shelf oil. not sure if your DI but oil usage in DI is especially bad. where you live a 10-40 would do well. Amsoil delivery is a phone call away or pick up if theres a close warehouse.thats what i use in my 01 TT 225Q. i use Amsoil, they also have low saps oils as well + are real synthetic group IV + V oils in the signature series lines. put 200,000 on my traded 01 jetta 1.8T 300 hp with Amsoil 10-30 but my TT uses some so i switched to the 10-40. Pa is a lot colder for sure. if you want cheaper the pennzoil platinum may work for you
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