5w-30 multi car suggestion

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Sep 7, 2014
Hi, I am new to the forum and would like your thoughts on an oil selection. I use the same oil for both of my vehicles. I am looking at moving away from Amsoil. Their oil is getting costly, and I don't know if the price is justified (my last purchase averaged $7.21 a quart). Their MLM tactics have started to bug me, and I wonder if the market will bare these practices in the future. I have looked at Walmart and Penzoil Platinum caught my eye. Would this be a good replacement oil, or is there another that I should consider for my particular scenario? Also I saw the FRAM ultra synthetic filters. I picked one up for the Ranger, but might switch to these filters. Do they offer the increased performance to justify the additional cost. They are definitely heavier. My experience with petroleum filtration has me thinking that they may be better constructed with additional filter media. I thank you for any input that you can give me. Thanks! The vehicles: 2010 Toyota Highlander 3.5l V6 65K miles Current Oil used: Amsoil XL7500 Current Oil filter used: stock filter OCI: 6 months or 5K miles Vehicle is used daily for as a commuter vehicle with a mix of city and highway driving totaling 16 miles a day. 2004 Ford Ranger 4.0l V6 SOHC 82K miles Current Oil used: Amsoil XL7500 Curent Oil filter used: stock filter FL820S OCI: 6 months or 5K miles Vehicle is used only on the weekends for errands and hauling materials for projects around the house.
Any decent name brand full synthetic 5W-30 will work. My current oil stash has Mobil 1 0W-30; and Castrol Edge / Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30. I did not pay more than $2 a quart.... Some house brands also work, NAPA has sales occasionally for $3.50 a quart...
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As far as the fram ultra filter they can do a 15000 mile interval easily according to the resident fram guy we have here,and my experience is such that I feel it's the truth. Especially in a known clean engine and if you've been using amsoil up til now I seriously doubt you have any deposit issues so 15000 miles should be easily doable. As far as oil goes pp is a great oil and if not severe service then 10000 miles should be a snap. If you feel the engines are operated in a manner that equates to the oem definition of severe then I'd shorten the interval somewhat. Any if the majors top tier products should do the 10000 mile interval and if going above top tier such as pennzoil ultra or m1 ep then 15000 miles should be achievable. So pick your poison. They are all of very good quality and Walmart jug pricing sure is tough to beat. I moved away from amsoil not because of any quality issue it was a cost issue for me. I still love their products and I would happily use them if I could get them at competitive prices. Try our amsoil rep here. His name is Pablo. He has be known to get members great pricing so if wanting to stay with amsoil maybe he can help. If your set on trying something else you can't go wrong with any of the majors.
If you like Amsoil, with those short intervals just move down to OE and get it for $4-something a quart. But your other choices sound fine also.
I have no issue with the Amsoil quality. My issue is that their prices aren't even close to competitive and the MLM makes that problem worse. I love the Amsoil product, but am not sure it justifies a nearly 40% premium once you add in the preffered customer fee. Their synthetic ATF fixed my trans shifting problem. I would love to continue using it. How do I get ahold of the resident dealer, Pablo?
First of all, Amsoil XL7500? That must have been old stock the guy had or something, Amsoil hasn't made that in a few+ years. Second, for your interval you should be using the Amsoil OE line. Last, the OE line of oils is $4.70 by the qt or if you buy the case $4.44/qt. The first step to this is just simply sign up as a Preferred Customer (PC) using my links or direct to Amsoil using #515729. No pressure, signing up is like Costco a bit, you can even just put the PC membership in your cart on checking out from Amsoil.com. Thanks, Paul
Pennzoil platinum would be a great choice for both vehicles! I would stick with the OEM filter for the Toyota. They seem to favor flow over filtration and with the track record of Toyota engines, I think they are on to something!
For 5k/6months on that ranger id go with any Dino and a good filter. plus only weekend driving? I'd hit up biglots and buy quarts of Peak for 3.00$ a qt or go to WalMart and get QSGB for 13-14$ a jug. just me though
Pennzoil Semi-Synthetic 5w-30 at Wal-Mart. 50% synthetic. dexos1 approved. Good enough for warranty use in a Corvette. Best part, it is only a buck or two more than Pennzoil conventional, in the 5 quart jug. I use it in everything.
You are wasting money and good oil by only running this oil for 5k If you want to stay at 5k changes just get any name brand dino or if you want syn make sure to use it for at least 8-12k If you do this I would get the Fram Ultra
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