5W-30 comparisons (ST, Pennzoil, m1, chev)

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Sep 12, 2002
I did some researching on 5w-30 oils, synthetic and dino.

Pennzoil PureBase 5w-30
Chevron Supreme 5W-30
ST Synthetic 5W-30
and M1 5W-30

It seems to me the Pennzoil dino 5W-20 has a pour pt of -42C, while the Chevron Supreme is at -43C.
Off the top of my head, the M1 was -48C.
The ST Synt 5W-30 was around -45C.

The viscosity (centistrokes) at 40C showed the M1 being the thinnest with the Chevron Supreme being the thickest.

53.7 = M1
56.8 = ST Synthetic
60 = Pennzoil
66 = Chevron Supreme

at 100C, the viscosity for ST Synth and Pennzoil were at 10.5 while M1 was at 9.7 and Chevron at 10.8

So can I draw the conclusion that the M1 will flow the best (out of the 4) with ST synth a close second, w/ Pennzoil and Chevron taking up the tail?

Im not saying if any of these are "crap" are the "best" oils, just comparing them to one another.
Mobil Drive Clean Blend 10W-30 is 69 cST @ 40 C.

Does this mean that the Mobil 10W-30 Synthetic Blend flows almost as well as Chevron 5W-30? Pour point is -42 C (-44 F) for the 10W-30 Mobil Blend.
1) Gr-IV & GR-III oils have better cold flow than GR-II oils...no surprise.

2) Oil at the pour point is too thick to lubricate well.

3) Does 5°C @ -40 something make that much difference? I'm not sure....

4) +40°C = 104°F...all these oils will flow well under a black hood on a hot New Jersey summer day.

these are the specs that the manufacturers supply, and if one oil is slightly thicker than the other at 104F, then there's BOUND to be a difference at 0F.

I can shake 80W-140 Redline and 75W-90 Redline and notice that the 80W-140 is thicker (less sloshing noise). And what do you know, the cSt @ 40C shows the 80W-140 being thicker.

Anyone check what 10W-30s go for in the cSt @ 40C??

I thought the Chevron Supreme 5W-30 was a tad thick for a 5W-30 oil. It might be loaded with pour point depressants to get that -43C rating.

I think I'll stick with Pennzoil. The difference between Pennzoil and ST synthetic isn't enough to justify a $1.50+ difference.
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