2021 Subaru Outback 2.5L / Amsoil Signature 0w-20 4.9k miles

Yes that's what I want if running a hampster-sized filter in the Winter - seeing I cant get a good non-ecore Champ labs.

Last Fram XG I ran on a Subaru MELTED its base gasket to the mounting boss. Hard a very hard time getting it off. Turned me off.
I guess one upside to the K&P oil filter I'm running is that it won't do that.😂 They have a heavy duty quad ring. If it doesn't melt from the 250° oil temps I see on my Harley, I think it's good. I was running Amsoil oil filters prior to the K&P, and after this OCI will throw on one of the Fram Ultras that I have laying around and see how it does.