2021 F150 Stop Sale Recall - Steering may lock up

Ford's on for another truck recall lmao

Ford is recalling 17,616 F-Series Super Duty vehicles because there’s a chance the tire and wheel assembly will detach from the front axle. The specific vehicles included are all equipped with the front-wheel hub extenders and dual rear wheels.

Owners of these 2021 models should be on the lookout for a recall notification from Ford: F-350, F-450, F-550 and F-600. Ford says that owners of the affected vehicles are being instructed to not drive their vehicles for the time being. The problem stems from improper torquing of the front wheel hub extender nuts. Here’s how Ford describes it.

“Due to a supplier process error, the automated torque station for tightening and verifying the torque of the nuts joining the front wheel hub extender to the rotor may have been bypassed at the supplier axle assembly facility. The nuts connecting the front wheel hub extender to the rotor may not have been tightened to specification.”
That one doesn't require parts thankfully. The recall has the techs take the front wheels off and torque the extension nuts to 130 ft-lbs. The of course torque the front wheels.