2021 Camaro RS LT1 6.2.... rental review.

Dec 8, 2006
Yes... you read that correctly. I have a 2021 Camaro RS LT1 6.2 rental, in Wild Cherry. And it was free. National Emerald Club reward days.

I was only allowed to reserve up to an intermediate class, but the manager at the airport takes good care of me. I had my choice of anything on the lot. Even for free.

My last rental was an Audi Q5.

The competition today was a yellow 2021 Challenger RT 392 with a flat black hood... but I'm a GM guy.

I'll be driving it to St. Louis tomorrow to have lunch with friends. I did a 20 mile interstate loop with it tonight, and it gets 31 mpg in V4 mode, with the cruise set at 75. So, $4 gas isn't going to hurt too badly.

Is it quick? It is scary quick. Has 19,000 miles on the odometer, and is still in reasonably good condition. It has a power sunroof, the Technology package, and a $1500 set of 20 inch wheels.

I'll be able to report more tomorrow night, after I've put 400+ miles on it.

How's the interior? C&D ripped on it pretty hard when they compared it to the Mustang:

If you think you’re tired of reading our complaints about the Camaro’s cramped, cheap interior and pitiful outward visibility, just imagine how we feel writing those things over and over again. Please, Chevy, correct this on the next-generation car (assuming there is one). Pretty please.

But here we go again: The Camaro’s cabin design is ridiculous. The materials are substandard. Every secondary thing that you need to reach, such as a map pocket or a USB port, is inexplicably behind your back or at such an awkward angle, like the mirror adjusters and navigation screen, that you grow resentful of the car. And why do we have to feel so cramped in such a large car?
I test drove an LT1 two years ago. Very cramped inside. Interior was OK, not great but not terrible IMO. Had incredible power as expected.

In the past, was an SS the only way to get a V8?


The LT1 trim doesn't get the same exterior styling of the SS. Front and rear fascia are like the LT. LT1 only has Brembo calipers up front and doesn't have the 275 rear tire, only 245s all around.

You still get the same 6.2L V8 and choice of 6 speed manual or 10 speed auto.
although braking, handling + performance are much better than most older performance cars they DONT do anything for me!! used to be a GM guy but the mustang does nostalgia the best as it looks more like the older models, + i will NEVER own an electric or even a hybrid!!
I really enjoy driving the Camaro SS. Except for the throttle delay and throttle programming. It certainly does not do what you ask.

I found that full throttle is fine, but modulating response is horrible.