2019 can am maverick trail gear oil

Oct 8, 2016
Getting ready to change the gear oil in my maverick trail I went to the dealer they want $32 a quart for can am gear oil I thought that was crazy, It calls for GL-5 gear oil 75-140 in the rear 75-90 in the front thinking about using amsoil severe gear in both what do you guys recommend? Can get amsoil for around $18 a quart.
It is always a fresh reminder the dealer isn’t after much more than money with respect to fluids, etc. With that said, I believe you answered your own question. Amsoil at $18 will work great, can-am at $32 will work great. There are others that will run less for either flavor of syn you are looking for like Valvoline, Mobil, or auto store branded syn gear oils.
Guys might beat me up here but I run royal purple in my Commander. 75/90 in front diff, 75/140 in the rear and trans. Royal purple max cycle 10w40 engine oil and RP grease
Thanks guy's pretty much figured any 75-140 GL-5 gear oil would be fine I already have a quart of the amsoil because that's what I use in my ford trucks rear diff. I will just get another quart the local napa has it here. It calls for 1 1/2 quarts.
Ran the ST gear oils in my last three SxS's and they all loved it. The Yamaha Viking, Wildcat XX and now the KRX. Good stuff that won't break the bank.